Now is the time

In Challenging Times, Challenge Yourself I challenged myself to write, script/storyboard, voiceover, produce, and release a 3-5 minute video on a specific deadline. This is part of what I’m doing in my downtime during this pandemic.  I would like to urge everyone to commit to learning something new during this worldwide slowdown.  Commit to growing … Read more Now is the time


Quality Quarantine Crime Drama I haven’t owned a suit in years.  I’ve enjoyed wearing them, but my weight has fluctuated so much here and there the last decade that I never made the investment.  Plus, between slacks-and-a-polo car sales and nobody-sees-you-anyway radio careers, I didn’t have much need for a full suit.  When I got … Read more I’M ON TV, Y’ALL!

The Day My Destiny Changed

St. Maddie’s Day I was an arrogant kid from a broken home and some pretty unhealthy attitudes about – well – just about everything.  My Father had his heart broken, divorced, and never really fully recovered emotionally.  Sadly, I was the recipient of a LOT of his vitriol against women.  Still, I loved women and … Read more The Day My Destiny Changed

American Economics, Explained

A Warning: This isn’t a short article. If it were able to be shortened, maybe we wouldn’t need the explanation. I admit my bias up front; I am a strong, passionate, well-researched, educated Progressive. However, I don’t care much for labels. Suffice to say, if there is one thing about me that has been true … Read more American Economics, Explained

The Man Behind The Curtain – The Life of a Voice Actor

I have been a voice actor for over two decades, lending my gift to thousands of projects all across the spectrum from audiobooks to radio commercials, video games, cartoons, films, television, radio imaging, corporate videos, training and elearning software, and everything in between.  This blog will discuss the importance voice work plays in the success … Read more The Man Behind The Curtain – The Life of a Voice Actor

The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

A full-time voice actor, I own and operate my own business.  Just prior to the Summer of 2016, I decided to leave my last successful career path, the automotive retail business where I had been a digital marketing manager.  I wanted to focus on my dreams of being a full-time voice actor and a high … Read more The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

American Economics: 101 Ok..let’s talk about Economics for just a moment. Let’s talk about AMERICAN Economics.   The article I linked above is the latest in a long list of examples of Republicans “not getting it” when it comes to the working class.  Still, in the last election, they managed to win over a large portion of … Read more American Economics: 101

Playing the Part: From Career-Minded Workaholic to Happy Hubby Homemaker

I am a __________. Over the course of my lives, I have filled in that blank with many things:  Father, Husband, Friend, Radio Personality, Small Market Country Radio Programmer, Comedian, Actor, Car Salesman, Internet Manager (and all the fancy derivatives I use to make that sound fancier than it is). But when we step outside … Read more Playing the Part: From Career-Minded Workaholic to Happy Hubby Homemaker