The Day My Destiny Changed

St. Maddie’s Day I was an arrogant kid from a broken home and some pretty unhealthy attitudes about – well – just about everything.  My Father had his heart broken, divorced, and never really fully recovered emotionally.  Sadly, I was the recipient of a LOT of his vitriol against women.  Still, I loved women and … Read more The Day My Destiny Changed


Buffet for the Brain (Episode 103) – The Human Hat Rack Why do people demonize education?  Why do you sometimes struggle under the weight of the world on your shoulders?  It’s probably because you’re wearing too many hats!  If you’re going to be a Human Hat Rack, at least create a strong foundation so you … Read more PODCAST 103


No Excuses

ARE YOU A GOAL-SETTER OR AN EXCUSE-MAKER? Are you a goal-setter? I would argue that we all are, at our most foundational level.  Look at our bodies as organisms.  From a biological perspective, our brains set a goal.  Our body and various systems then work to achieve that goal.  For example, your brain requires X … Read more Be-A-Goal-Setter

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

This past Christmas, I walked into Toys ‘R’ Us, knowing damned good and well it would be my last jaunt into what was my childhood Mecca. You see, I had a gift to procure.  A gift I knew very well I could have purchased online from the comfort of my gym shorts and sunken in … Read more Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

You Are Entitled To YOU Time – AND No One Else Will Fight For It For You BUT You!

Vacation 2017

I’ve never been big on vacations.  I’ve always been a “worker bee” – career minded, don’t take time off because it’s too much hassle and who could relax wondering who is doing what at the station back home?! Now?  I feel a little more entitled to my recharge and reset time.  I am a little … Read more You Are Entitled To YOU Time – AND No One Else Will Fight For It For You BUT You!

Seafood Bisque

It should be noted that I’m not a fan of self-indulgent food blogs where the author tells their life story and some stupid blah-blah you have to scroll past just to get to a recipe.  I find that annoying, don’t you?  If you want stories, check out the rest of my blogs.  This is a … Read more Seafood Bisque

Who needs Pride?

It’s safe to say that if there is one of the “7 Deadly Sins” we are more guilty of than others, it’s Pride.  Pride, in many cases, rears its ugly head.  It’s why some people go debt-deep in house or car payments.  It’s why credit cards get run up sometimes.  Our Pride gets in the … Read more Who needs Pride?

The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

A full-time voice actor, I own and operate my own business.  Just prior to the Summer of 2016, I decided to leave my last successful career path, the automotive retail business where I had been a digital marketing manager.  I wanted to focus on my dreams of being a full-time voice actor and a high … Read more The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker