The Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

A full-time voice actor, I own and operate my own business.  Just prior to the Summer of 2016, I decided to leave my last successful career path, the automotive retail business where I had been a digital marketing manager.  I wanted to focus on my dreams of being a full-time voice actor and a high … Read moreThe Happy-Hubby-Homemaker

Teaching, Education, and School

Along with being a full-time voice actor, I am also a graduate student pursuing my lifelong dream of being a high school teacher.  I have a passion for subjects like History, English (Literature and Writing), Public Speaking, Theatre, and even Family and Consumer Sciences.  While I will begin my path as an English Language Arts … Read moreTeaching, Education, and School

The Diet That Deters Diabetes

About:  This blog discusses my path to a healthier lifestyle by controlling the foods I eat and getting my diabetes under control.   “Take care of that body, son.  It’s the only one you’re getting and spare parts don’t come cheap”, my father once told me, remorseful in his own life choices.  That was the … Read moreThe Diet That Deters Diabetes