Hi, I'm

Voiceover Artist | Actor | Public Speaking Instructor

  • Voice Actor
  • TV/Film/Commercial Actor
  • Event Host | Emcee
  • Public Speaking and Speech Communication Coach / Instructor
  • Licensed English / Government / Speech Communication Teacher
  • Freelance Writer
  • Digital Marketing / Media / Advertising Consultant
  • Audio / Video Production (Radio/TV Commercials)
  • Concert Promo Production
No Excuses
Josh Brandon


ARE YOU A GOAL-SETTER OR AN EXCUSE-MAKER? Are you a goal-setter? I would argue that we all are, at our most foundational level.  Look at

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My TV/Commercial Demo Reel

I am blessed to be able to live my dream!  Here is a sample of some of my recent screen work.

Acting, Hosting, Presenting, and Public Speaking services available within your budget.  I also offer coaching for these areas and more.  

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

"Josh Brandon is an immaculate voice guy! Every radio station has to have a certain 'sound', and Josh has given that to us. His voice has become as important in identifying our station as our on air talents."
Mario Washington
GM - 730 The Game, ESPN Charlotte

Some Past Clients

Voiceovers | Acting | Performing

I have been a voice actor for more than twenty years, with nearly every type of voiceover project on my resume. Having spent most of my career as a broadcast professional, I understand the importance of having a professional sound, expertly executed copy, and lightning-fast turnaround. With a wide range of styles, accents, and character voices, Josh Brandon Voiceovers is the answer to getting your message across. I also offer copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, and audio production services.

Public Speaking | Event Hosting | Presenting

Statistics show many people struggle with anxiety or stress related to public speaking. I am a licensed Master’s level Speech Communication expert and Public Speaking instructor. If your business needs training on how your employees can more effectively communicate during meetings and presentations, or you are an individual who wants to improve their speech writing and public speaking skills, I can schedule training classes, seminars, or one-on-one coaching sessions for everything from interpersonal communication, professional presentations, eulogies, wedding toasts, or any other occasion.

Media Consulting

I have programmed top rated radio stations throughout my career. I know how to create a radio station that is relevant to today’s consumer, factoring in the music/content, talent, imaging, advertising, promotions, and strategy into one successful, cohesive on-air product. From Country to Alternative Rock, I can help your ratings and revenues grow through creative, outside-the-box thinking. I specialized in making medium-to-small market radio stations sound like major market stations and I can do the same for your radio station!

Talent Coaching

I spent most of my broadcast career as a Programmer and talent coach. I specialize in breaking career voiceover artists out of that “announcer” box and into a more natural, relatable sound. For those starting out or new to the business, I will work to refine your natural talents, concentrating on your strengths and lending a constructively critical ear to your work. I also produce audio demos for voiceover or radio.

Advertising/Marketing Solutions

I have been a voiceover artist and media professional for over 20 years crafting successful advertising campaigns for clients in countless industries from retail to restaurant to industrial to medical and everything in between. I will take the time to do a wants-and-needs analysis, consider the client’s ideas and direction, while offering a creative take on a plan to drive the brand awareness and revenues to the next level. Whether you are a client looking for effective copy or a campaign for radio, television, or social media, or you are a radio or television station or agency looking for freelance copywriting, consider Josh Brandon Media. I offer all-in-one packages including radio ad production, TV ad production, as well as social media and website video production.

Healing Hemp Oil

In 2014, I was involved in a near-fatal car accident – one that almost severed my spinal cord and nearly left me paralyzed. While I made a full recovery, symptomatic pain from severe spinal cord bruising has left me experiencing pain and other side effects. A life-long advocate for the healing properties of cannabis, I have tried Hemp Oil as a means of relieving these symptoms. Hemp Oil is legal and does not show up on drug screens as it is lacking THC (the component in cannabis that provides the “high”). This product works SO well, I have decided to become an affiliate for this healing product. CLICK HERE for more info.